Dogdom Dog Charm
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Dogdom Dog Charm

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Brass & Sterling Silver

Honoring all who first taught us what it was to love, our Beginning of Love collection features five uniquely shaped brass charms with timeless sterling silver symbols and etched line details. The loyal friendship of a furry friend, the goodwill and altruism that faith inspires, the kind of generous affection that reveals the treasures in our own hearts and that affirms Love is the most rewarding thing we could ever aim for and achieve.

Attentive, protective, devoted; no one quite exemplifies pure unconditional love as that of our joyful canine companions. In Dogdom, the bond we share runs deep, forever claiming a special place in our families and in our hearts. A lovable raised silver paw juxtaposes an embossed silver heart beaming with line details etched on a rectangular brass base.

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